Meet Piotrek & Krystal

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Salsa Secrets was born out of Piotrek's love of music and self healing that he experienced through dance. Since 2010, Piotrek has been sharing The Healing Power of Dance in the Portsmouth NH, Newburyport MA and Boston MA communities. Salsa Secrets has been dedicated to being part of the dance community in a positive way, making dance accessible to everyone who desires to experience it. Each year, Salsa Secrets volunteers time, workshops and classes to various organizations and causes in order to give back to the communities that have been so welcoming to us. In 2015, Piotrek and Krystal met and began their journey as partners in life and in dance. Piotrek and Krystal are happy to share the creation of their love and passions with the salsa family. We are honored to dance with you and see your growth in dance and in spirit.

Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.
— Rumi

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Piotrek began teaching Salsa in 2010 and is considered one of the top instructors in Boston. He began his training with Metamovements Latin Dance Company and Mascote Entertainment. He fell in love with the creativity and expression of art through dance. As a seasoned professional jazz musician and composer, he offers a uniquely new beat, balance and flavor into dance instruction. Piotrek’s vision of dance frames the body, mind and soul's manifestation of art.

Piotrek has worked extensively to perfect the art of dance flow, posture, connection & spotting. He loves to work on the symmetry of the dance and helping others to learn their own roles as a dance partner.

Piotrek encourages each student to produce their own true dance interpretation, beauty and passion, while incorporating clean technique. Piotrek believes that anyone can dance, given the desire to do so. Piotrek supports and challenges students to progress as much as they dream to with their experience of dance.


"Dance has changed my life in an incredible way. When I began dancing I felt brilliantly connected to myself, to another soul and to that moment. Dance has influenced the way I value myself and the experience of life. It opened my mind towards the power of emotion, self awareness and trust. It helped me to relate to others and value their perspective. The best part is that I finally began to listen my inner voice. Spectacular!"

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Krystal found her love for dance at age 3. She studied ballet and pointe through college. Krystal's fascination with ballet allowed her to experience creation and freedom in a way she hadn't experienced off the dance floor. Over time, Krystal found her time for dance dwindling as she developed her career as a doctor of physical therapy specializing in holistic healing.

Just one year prior to meeting Piotrek, Krystal began to latin dance socially. She began to like this new style of dance and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of social dancing. Upon meeting Piotrek, Krystal was hooked and was seeking more in life and with dance. At the time, she had no idea that this love of dance would have brought her to the love of her life. Piotrek's fascination with dance inspired her in a magnificent way.

Krystal remains completely inspired by the co-creation that she experiences in partnering. She loves more than anything the opportunity to share love of dance with her beloved and their students. Krystal cares about the students' development and unique healing process related to the dance. Krystal shares her passion, love, healing, creativity and energy through dance.

"Finding Salsa has allowed me to fall in love all over again with dance, express my childlike playfulness, explore the depths of who I am and enjoy this life experience fully. I am eternally grateful that my journey led me back to dance! I can't imagine being without dance and all the positive qualities it has brought forth from my heart and soul."

Our Wedding Present to the Salsa Secrets Dance Community
Choreography by Piotrek Kowalczyk & Krystal Couture
Music: Seduceme - La India


It has been an honor to create a dance community in Portsmouth and Newburyport. We love the way that people come together to use dance as a modality for healing. We have students that travel to be with us from all over New England because of the comfortable and welcoming environment that we share. We are proud to be active members of these communities and enjoy bringing dance to various organizations of children and adults. Our community is extremely important to us!

Our goal is to continue to build this beautiful dance community with joy, passion and love. We want to share our hearts and our love for dance with you AND invite you to share your hearts and your love for dance with us.

xoxo Piotrek & Krystal