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Salsa Secrets, a latin dance company, in Portsmouth NH and Newburyport MA provides Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Salsa On 2, Rueda de Casino, Merengue, and Cuban Son instruction. We share weekly group classes in 6 week sessions from September to June and host a social dance, the first Saturday of each month. In the off weeks and off season, we offer specialty workshops and outdoor events such as Salsa in the Park - Portsmouth and BEACHata - Hampton.  Each year, we host Dance Retreats in Habana, Cuba.  

Our mission is to share the dance with you, by combining excellent dance technique with the opportunity to your open heart. When technique and heart develop together, we fully experience the healing power of dance and then, the real MAGIC can begin. We believe deeply in our students and want to see you succeed. We would be honored if you joined us on the dance floor!

Salsa Secrets is directed by Piotrek Kowalczyk and Krystal Couture, who bring passion, inspiration and creativity into the dance while honoring the evolutionary process that learning dance offers. Piotrek and Krystal feel abundant love and gratitude to share Salsa Secrets with each of you!

COSTUME PARTY PARTICIPANTS, November Social. Beautiful night, thank you all.


Salsa Social Portsmouth NH

Dance Schedule Portsmouth NH

Session begins Sunday, October 27, 2019

Sundays - Jubilation, Portsmouth NH
3:00PM - Training Group
4:30PM - Rueda de Casino
6:00PM - Advanced Bachata

Tuesdays - Jubilation, Portsmouth NH
6:30PM - Level 3 Salsa

Wednesdays - Jubilation, Portsmouth NH
6:30PM - Intermediate Bachata
8:00PM - Level 1, Part 2 Salsa

Thursdays - Jubilation, Portsmouth NH
6:30PM - Level 2 Salsa
8:00PM - Advanced Salsa on 2

Fridays - Chippendaleā€™s, Newburyport MA
6:00PM - Level 1 Salsa (absolute beginner)
7:30PM - Advanced Training Group

*Please note, our classes run academy style, which means that as the year progresses, the curriculum builds upon itself. Each Salsa Level is one year of studies which is divided into 5 parts. In the 2019/2020 Season, absolute beginner classes in Portsmouth start in September and in Newburyport in November. Accelerated Level 1 (the beginner program condensed into 3 sessions) begins in January in Portsmouth.

Dance Instructors Portsmouth NH

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Salsa Secrets gift certificates are available in any amount! Our gift certificates are conveniently sold through an online platform. The recipient will receive an email notification and instant access to your gift. Gift certificates can be used for services or products at Salsa Secrets and online!

Dance Retreats with Salsa Secrets in Habana, Cuba

Our Dance Retreat in Habana is extremely special! You will be treated each day to traditional Cuban dance lessons in Son, Rueda and Cuban Salsa with amazing instructors. In the evenings, we will have great social dancing, including live bands at our casa. Our casa is right in the heart of Habana Vieja, where we have access to lots of music, dance, art and culture. Our dance retreats are packed with activities, features and treats, just for you! 

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We love and appreciate each and every one of you!!

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Willingness and desire to come together, through dance
to experience, to heal and to live.

The dance can reveal everything mysterious that is hidden in music, and it has the additional merit of being human and palpable. Dancing is poetry with arms and legs.
— Charles Baudelaire