Salsa Secrets Dance Retreat - Habana Cuba

26 February to 3 March 2020

We are so THRILLED you will be joining us in Cuba for a Dance Retreat in 2020. We have compiled lots of resources to assist you in making the most of your Dance Retreat. We will add specific information about your trip as it becomes available. Please thoroughly review the information presented below. You are welcome to email Piotrek and Krystal anytime with questions at

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We are traveling to Havana, Cuba as a dance company in support of the Cuban people. We are staying at a casa particular for the duration of our trip in Habana Vieja and training with a local dance company, in Centro Habana for several hours each day. We are providing additional support by using local transport services and restaurants. The trip will serve as educational for us in dance and culture and support for Cuban residents.

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Prior to our Dance Retreat, it is important for you to review and complete the following documents including your Emergency Information and acknowledgement of our Participant Agreement including our Cancellation Policy. Salsa Secrets requires you to complete these forms electronically in order to reserve your spot for travel with us. 

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Flight details will be released as soon as they are available.

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Traveling to Cuba has many requirements that are unique due to US and Cuba relations. The following links are necessary for you to review and understand prior to traveling with Salsa Secrets to Cuba. We will obtain Visas at the Gateway Airport to Havana. Visas, as mentioned are an additional $50 and must be paid by the individual. Affidavits will be completed on your behalf, 7 days prior to flying. Health insurance is included in your package. The policy is outlined below.

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Below, you can access our itinerary, packing list, Spanish/English phrase translations and maps of Habana. Students find it helpful to read and print these documents to enhance the Dance Retreat experience.

The above is a sample of our 2019 Dance Retreat Itinerary. The 2020 Dance Retreat Itinerary will be similar and will be posted no later than August 2019.

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4 Pre-recorded Spanish Lessons are included in your package. Please feel free to use the outlines and audio tracks below to brush up on or learn a little bit of Spanish before our retreat.

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Video and Music Production by: Piotrek Kowalczyk

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PBS Cuba - The Accidental Eden
Voices of America - Arturo Sandoval
BBC - Our World Inside Cuba
Anthony Bourdain - No Reservations Season 7, Episode 9
Anthony Bourdain - Parts Unknown Season 6, Episode 1

Our retreats are all about self growth and development. We are passionate about dance as a healing modality. Our retreats in Cuba lead us toward immersion in a culture rich in dance and music. This immersion gives us access to embodiment, our soul experiencing life through the physical sensation of being human, dancing the expressions of the soul. We get to know joy, presence and wholeness. We are honored to witness your growth and evolution.

Abundant Love & Gratitude, Krystal & Piotrek

A note of mindfulness and consciousness: Please keep the password to this site private. The information provided on this site is EXCLUSIVE to retreat attendees. The information was thoughtfully created by Piotrek and Krystal to create a delightful experience for our dance retreat attendees. Your financial investment in the retreat gives you access to this page. Sharing this information beyond the retreat attendee group morally inappropriate.