Musicality Online Workshop

Are you curious about integrating dance & music seamlessly?

Do you resonate with the idea that dance is music made visible?

Do you desire to improve your salsa dance skills, timing and purpose?

salsa musicality online

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Benefits of Salsa Secrets Musicality Workshop

  • Develop a better understanding of how the music and dance relate to each other.

  • Improve the synchronicity of your timing and flow with the music.

  • Learn about the unique layers and instrumentation in salsa music.

  • Integrate the dance as another layer of music.

  • Enhance your experience with the dance by making it more complete, more robust and more fun!

Musicality Workshop Features

  • Basic music interpretation for dancers

  • Musical instrumentation patterns, progressions and rhythms in salsa music

  • Specific frequency, vibration and energy of salsa music

  • Ear training

  • Adding dance to each layer of music

Composition of Your Musicality Workshop

  • 8 Musicality Video Lessons - (110+ minutes of video)

    • Introduction to Musicality

    • Abundance

    • Clave

    • Clave 3/2 Versus 2/3

    • Congas

    • Bass: Street Fight

    • Piano & Major/Minor Chords

    • Big Finale: Putting it all together

  • 10 Progressive Instrumentation Audio Tracks composed by Piotr Kowalczyk

    • 2/3 Clave

    • 2/3 Clave & Congas

    • 2/3 Clave, Congas & Bass

    • 2/3 Clave, Congas, Bass & Piano

    • 3/2 Clave

    • 3/2 Clave & Congas

    • 3/2 Clave, Congas & Bass

    • 3/2 Clave, Congas, Bass & Piano

    • Salsa Montuno Rhythm

    • Tonic, Subdominant & Dominant Chords

  • 3 Bonus Tracks composed by Piotr Kowalczyk

    • Dance Dance Salsa

    • Samba Le

    • African Dance


About Piotrek

Piotrek is native to Poland where he studied a wide range of music including: voice, piano, bass, french horn and music composition. He played for the Polish Army Orchestra for 8 years before coming to Boston to express his musical creativity in a new way. Piotrek is a brilliant musician, composer and arranger dedicated to developing his technique and connection to spirit through his work. His musical talent has been recognized by Berklee College of Music. Piotrek has been studying composition and improvisation with Garry Dial of the Charlie Banacos school for 5 years.  

For the last 10 years, Piotrek has expanded his creation by adding dance into his life as a mode expression. Combining these passions has led to an unparalleled inspiration in his own life and that of others. This musicality workshop is the very essence of Piotrek. Sharing his knowledge of the music and composition from his multifaceted perspective as a musician and dancer is extremely unique. 


Thank you for everything. This workshop was great fun and extremely helpful to me. - Barbara Keiter


  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    • You will have lifetime access to the course. All of the materials are self paced, so you can delight yourself with each lesson by taking as much time as you desire.

  • Can I download the lessons?

    • Absolutely! All the video lessons and audio tracks are available to download right from the course homepage. You can download them at your leisure. We ask that you use the video lessons and audio only for personal use.

  • How much dance experience do I need to benefit from this course?

    • The musicality course is designed for all levels. Beginners to advanced dancers can appreciate an enhanced level of understanding of the music and rhythms and incorporate that into simple or highly complex patterns of footwork and partnering.

  • I just go out social dancing, and I'm already having fun, do I really need a musicality course?

    • Probably not. But.. If you want to experience the dance fully and immerse yourself in the amazing gifts dance offers, understanding the music will give you a great advantage. After all, dance is merely a visual expression of sound.

  • What if I have questions or seek further instruction?

    • The musicality workshop is one that might take a while to make sense. The concepts become brighter in your consciousness with time and practice. Allowing the process to unfold is extremely beneficial. Online musicality private lessons with Piotrek are available at a rate of $125/hour and may be scheduled by emailing


Thank you for an excellent workshop. Piotrek obviously put a lot of time and thought into it and it was very helpful to me. - Christine Bellinger

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