Online Salsa Level 1 Part 5

We are so proud of you! Let’s take things up a notch with the closed connection!

Benefits of Salsa Secrets Level 1 Online

  • Learn the fundamental movement patterns needed for salsa dancing.

  • Learn about your body through the movement patterns.

  • Stimulate your mind and emotions.

  • Move your body in new ways which builds strength and coordination.

  • Dance for fun!

  • Become part of a community!

  • Learn in the PRIVACY of your own home on your schedule.

Level 1 Part 5 Salsa Features

  • Breaking down the Closed Connection

  • Different possibilities within the Connection

  • Sliding In & Sliding Out

  • Basic Cable with the Closed Connection

  • Duets with the Closed Connection

  • New Footwork Patterns

  • Exercises to develop the frame

  • Exercises to develop a strong lead with distinct messages

  • Dancing with a faster tempo

Composition of Your Level 1 Part 5 Salsa Course

  • 4 Salsa Video Lessons - (144 minutes of video)

    • Video 1 - Development of the Closed Connection

    • Video 2 - Dancing the Closed Connection with Basic Cable

    • Video 3 - Duets with the Closed Connection

    • Video 4 - Salsa Footwork, Duets and Trios

  • 4 Bonus Audio Practice Tracks composed by Piotr Kowalczyk

online salsa dance lessons

About Piotrek & Krystal

Piotrek & Krystal have been teaching together live classes year round in Portsmouth NH and Newburyport MA for 3 years. They came together with a distinct desire for the dance to be a modality for self exploration, growth and healing. Piotrek and Krystal's students have raved for years about their unique and effective style of teaching. They combine the development of proper technique with the spirit of the dance. This way of teaching engages all parts of the body: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, which leads to dancing that is extremely rich. 

"We can’t wait to share with you the closed connection. Adding the closed connection to your basic cable, makes dancing more versatile. We play with the expansion and contraction of the relationship and the swing. It is one of the most powerful foundational components of latin dancing. The closed connection gives us an opportunity to move a little deeper into our vulnerability and travel outside of our comfort zone, into a space shared by two and created by two. We are going to experience the magic of co-creation in this video series and that is pure magic!"

- Krystal & Piotrek

Join us in Level 1 Part 5 to dive into the depths of your creativity.

online salsa dance lessons
online salsa dance lessons
online salsa dance lessons

“My Salsa dance experience was enhanced with the online Salsa Secrets online lessons.  I am able to practice at home and repeat the steps as many times as needed thus improving my techniques and understanding of the beauty of Salsa Dancing.”

- Patty C.


  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    • You will have lifetime access to the course. All of the materials are self paced, so you can delight yourself with each lesson by taking as much time as you desire.

  • What happens when I click 'Buy Now'?

    • You are prompted to create a login with your email address and password. You will then be asked to check out securely through Stripe. After that, you can access the class immediately. Log in anytime via the button on the bottom right of our website,

  • Can I download the lessons?

    • Absolutely! All the video lessons and audio tracks are available to download right from the course homepage. You can download them at your leisure. We ask that you use the video lessons and audio only for personal use.

  • How much dance experience do I need to benefit from this course?

    • Level 1 Part 4 Salsa is designed for the beginner who feels comfortable with our Level 1 Part 1, 2 and 3 Curriculum. We progress forward with the curriculum. Because our classes are self paced, you can take as much time with each section as you like.

  • Who should take this class?

    • Students who seek to learn with Piotrek and Krystal but do not live locally.

    • Students who live locally but have a schedule conflict with attending live classes.

    • Students who missed Parts 1, 2, and 3 of Level 1 classes locally, but wish to begin with us for the next 6 week session.

    • Students who wish to review the materials presented in Level 1 Salsa Classes to strengthen their learning of the dance.

  • When will I be ready to go out social dancing?

    • Social dancing can be a really fantastic experience, but you must be open to the idea that when you dance, there will be many different levels of dancers. Dance isn't about how you rank compared to anyone else, its about how you feel within you! The only difference between you and an advanced dancer is more repetition. Salsa Secrets holds social dances the first Saturday of each month in Portsmouth, NH. All levels are welcomed!

  • What if I have questions or seek further instruction?

    • You can always email us if you have a question. Online private lessons are available at a rate of $125/hour and may be scheduled by emailing

online salsa dance lessons

“Online dance lessons with Salsa Secrets have been amazing. I am a long time contra dancer and wanted to learn salsa dance quickly, in my own home. I’ve been practicing alone and sometimes with a partner. There are many details that I didn’t know that I’ve been applying to other styles of latin dance. These courses have been a tremendous asset to me! I hope to someday come to Portsmouth and dance with the community. ”

-Julie A.