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When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.
— Dr. Wayne Dyer
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Welcome to Salsa Secrets Level 1 Part 2 Online Course. We are honored to have you with us for another round! Included in your class is 3  Video Lessons and 3 bonus Audio Tracks. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at: dance@salsasecrets-portsmouth.com


Level 1 Part 2 Salsa

Our philosophy as a dance company is not based upon the information, but rather, the experience. Thus, the aspect of vibrational resonance is primary within our company as it supports the idea of music and dance as modalities of healing. We are going to present to you all the tools you need to develop excellent salsa dance technique. In order for this natural development to occur, you must practice. Your muscle memory will develop more and more as you repeat the movements. That said, we don't want you to become hyper focused upon the steps as the dance offers so much more.

How to Work with the Lessons

The lessons progress from one movement to another. It is recommended that you pause the video lessons and work with each component individually for a period of time, until it feels comfortable and then move onto the next component. We've included some practice audio tracks of music at an appropriate learning tempo for you to spend time with. There is no need to rush. Practice is the key to expanding your dance repertoire and your muscle memory for the movement patterns. 

The Relationship

We aren't ready to talk about the depth of the relationship in it's entirety in regards to salsa dancing, but we want to touch upon the subject. When we dance with someone, we say "yes" to spending a conscious moment or two engaged and connected to this person. There is an energy and a vibration that we share. Showing up to the relationship as our best self improves our own experience and helps us to develop the most important relationship in our life, the one we share with our own self. 

Video Lessons

Video 1 - Developing Your Relationship with Salsa

We expand upon partnering combinations and preparatory footwork for exchanging places within the relationship.


  • Basic Step, Right Turn, Hesitation Left

  • Right Turn, Right Turn Combination


  • Cross Body Lead - Leader's Footwork

  • Cross Body Lead - Follower's Footwork

Important Concepts

  • Leaders: Mental Preparation

  • Followers: Not Anticipating

  • Acceptance

  • Choosing Movement Sequences

  • Journey Never Ends

  • Share the Puzzle

  • Concept of the Box

Have fun getting to know the basic step, right turn and hesitation left in any combination you choose. Get comfortable with these and once you feel ready, add the combination of Right Turn / Right Turn. The dance becomes more and more real as we progress. The opportunities for practicing our fundamental skills are prevalent: spotting, grounding your feet and shifting your weight, giving meaning to every single step. Those fundamentals will serve you all the way through your salsa dance training and social dancing. 

While it may be overwhelming to think about the role or the follower or the leader, it is imperative for us to learn the role of the other. It is not necessary to learn both sets of footwork today, but overtime, learning the role of your partner will help you to develop your own role in a much more robust way. 

We've heard it all before."I will never be a follower, I am a man." or "I will never be a leader, I want to be the follower only." We get it and we completely understand that you have a particular preference. Before you completely give up on the idea, just give it a little bit of time as the perspective it offers you completes the full perspective dance offers. The 360* view and understanding of the movement. 

Besides, being on the dance floor regardless of your role is far more enjoyable than sitting out because we never learned the role of the cross body lead from a different perspective.  

Video 2 - Cross Body Lead

We expand upon the cross body lead, building the connection and incorporating the movement patterns we already know. 


  • Cross Body Lead (CBL) - no connection

  • CBL with Right to Left

  • CBL with Connection

  • Duets: RT & CBL

  • Duets: HL & CBL

  • Combination using Duets

Important Concepts

  • Synchronize Responsibilities

  • Practice Symmetry - Visual of the Box

  • Experience the Present Moment

  • Different Messages of the Right and Left Hand

  • Extraneous Movements

  • What to do with the Arms

  • Importance of Repetition

  • Relationship Between Partners

As we progress more and more with Salsa Partnering, it becomes essential for us to have a look at the dance relationship which exists between two people. Whether you are a couple, lovers, friends, or never met, dancing together means that you are saying "yes" to an opportunity. The opportunity is a chance for you to get to know yourself through sharing with another person. Showing up for that one moment together on the dance floor every single dance isn't always easy, but doing so gives you a great advantage into really getting to know the dance and you.

Being present is the key. Following presence is acceptance. Acceptance means that we are accepting ourselves exactly as we are and accepting our partner exactly as they are at that current moment. This is going to set us up for far greater success than having expectations on either end. When we feel accepted, we feel like we can be who we are and we feel honored as a being. This goes a long way on the dance floor. 

Support each other! Give yourself and each other the gift of acceptance. 

As we progress with the cross body lead in partnering and duets with the cross body lead, we may be a little uneasy or a little uncertain, supporting each other will help you get through. You can always stop the videos and progress at the pace that is most comfortable for you. 

These duets of RT & CBL bridged with HL & CBL sure make the dance feel real and that's because it is! You are really dancing and you are doing a wonderful job! Keep up the great work!

Video 3 - Salsa Footwork & Duet Patterns

Footwork Patterns

  • Basic Step

  • Side Step

  • Quarter Beat Steps

  • Triplets

  • Right Turn

  • Hesitation Left

New Footwork

  • Crossed Side Step

  • Double Cross

Duet Patterns

  • Hesitation Left & Crossed Side Step

  • Right Turn & Double Cross

We want to encourage you to try more duet patterns on your own:

  • Hesitation Left & Double Cross

  • Right Turn & Crossed Side Step

  • Try them in reverse, for instance: Double Cross & Hesitation Left, Double Cross & Right Turn, Crossed Side Step & Hesitation Left, Crossed Side Step & Right Turn.

  • Try to incorporate previous patterns: Double Cross & Quarter Beat Steps, Crossed Side Step & Side Step, Triplets & Quarter Beat Steps

The possibilities of combinations are endless as we add more footwork. Some movements will feel smooth and transitions will be easy, others might feel more challenging. Continuing practicing and get to know the feeling of each of the movement puzzles and how they link to others. Once we become comfortable with duets, we can combine groups of three movements together. Have fun with the footwork and don't focus on getting it perfect, that part will come in time with repetition!

Bonus Practice Tracks - 105bpm

Ducky Luck

Hips in Paradise

Dream Love (145 bpm)

All Composition & Arrangement by: Piotr Kowalczyk 

Note: As a courtesy to Salsa Secrets, please use these videos tracks for personal use only. They are available exclusively to attendees of our Level 1 Part 2 Students. Thank you for your compliance.

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