Travel to Cuba - Dance Retreat Cuba

Is it legal to travel to Cuba with Salsa Secrets?
Yes. Salsa Secrets meets the requirements of groups traveling to Cuba “In Support of the Cuban People”. Each retreat allows us to spread our wealth among 40 or more people, independent of the Cuban Government.

What type of documentation is required to travel to Cuba?
When you book a retreat with Salsa Secrets, we complete all the paperwork that is required for you to travel to Cuba. We require a copy of your passport, a signed participant agreement and an emergency contact form.

What are the benefits of traveling in a group, versus independently?
Many people are used to traveling on their own and the idea of a group trip isn’t initially appealing. We try to honor the needs of everyone in the group and offer as much or as little independence as attendees desire.

What is the language in Cuba?
The primary language is Spanish. Traditionally, English was not frequently spoken in Cuba. However, as more English speaking visitors travel to Cuba, there is more and more understanding of the language. At our casa and dance studio, communication has been easy despite a bit of a language barrier. It is recommended to print some of our Spanish to English resources, bring a dictionary or an app on one’s phone.

What is the typical group size?
Our group size is generally 20 students with 2 facilitators.

What type of participation is required?
We want you to have the absolute best time in Cuba. We’ve worked diligently to create an itinerary that is well rounded and entices many people. That said, everything on our itinerary is optional.

Why should one attend a dance retreat?
Our dance retreats are packed with 12 hours of group instruction, up to 4 hours of private instruction and social dancing every night. While you will learn new moves in Cuba, you will also experience and take home with you the essence of the dance, which is transformative.

What type of dance experience is necessary?
We’ve had all levels of dancers attend our retreats, from the absolute beginner to the advanced dancer. Dancers of all levels have provided excellent feedback about our retreats. It should be noted that with some dance experience, you may be able to take more out of the experience as you will not need to begin at a fundamental level. Dancers are grouped according to their level of training and experience.

What types of dance are taught in Cuba?
In Cuba, we learn Cuban Salsa, Son, and Rueda de Casino. There are opportunities for private lessons in these styles of dance as well as others.

Are singles and couples welcome?
Absolutely. Both singles and couples equally can enjoy our retreats.

When is the best time to book a retreat?
Our retreats sell out every year! If you know you’d like to join us, its best to reserve your spot early.

What travel arrangements are made for retreat attendees?
We book flights from Boston to and from Havana and arrange all motorized transportation necessary for group travel in Havana. Our casa is in Habana Vieja and is walking distance from most points of interest. It is very simple to get a taxi, if you wish to travel beyond the walking area.

What about travel insurance?
We understand that life happens. While, Salsa Secrets cannot offer refunds or credits outside of our outlined cancellation policy, we are happy to offer travel insurance that will cover your expenses if you should have to cancel. This insurance has proven to be affordable, complete and reliable over the years. CLICK HERE to learn more and get an instant quote.

What about attendees, who’s home airport isn’t Boston?
Depending on which airport is your home airport, we can either provide a credit for you or collect additional funds from you to accommodate a flight that makes sense for you.

Are private groups welcome?
Absolutely! We are more than happy to host your private group or dance school in Cuba and create a retreat specifically for you at a convenient time of the year. Please call us at 617-584-2985 to discuss in detail.