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It's totally cool if you aren't ready to dive into musicality just yet. We respect your decision. We hate the idea of you missing out on something that can positively impact your dance experience. Our musicality workshop has helped so many of our clients at our local dance school and others around the globe. 

I always thought I had a good sense of the timing in Salsa Music. I could find the counts and dance according to whatever style I chose, Salsa On 1, On 2, or even Cuban Son. I had no idea how much depth was integrated within the music. As Piotrek's wife and dance partner, I supported him as he created the workshop, but I was also skeptical about the impact of the course for a "seasoned dancer". By being part of Piotrek's musicality workshop, I learned about the layers coming together. Dancing to each individual layer was an extremely new way to get to know the music, my ear, and my body. Diving into the music in this way was life changing for me, as a dancer; it opened a totally new beginning. -Krystal Couture

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