Is this you?

You took Salsa Secrets Online Level 1 Part 1, you're thinking about taking the next step, but lots of emotions and questions come to mind... Am I good enough to progress to the next level? When am I going to feel like I CAN dance? Is salsa really for me? What are they talking about with all this self development stuff? Is this a waste of money? Where am I going with this dance thing?

Consider these questions instead:

Does dancing salsa make you feel excited?
Do you feel lighter after dancing for a while?
Does your brain shift from chatter and into the present when you dance?
Do I like challenging myself?
Do I enjoy getting to know myself through dance?
Do you like dancing?

If you answered, "yes" to these questions, then there is no reason you shouldn't progress forward. Dance isn't about perfection or expectations, its about expressing the real, authentic, raw you through movement and in salsa we share that vulnerability with another person. This is where the magic happens. 

Get in on the magic!

"The instructors are marvelous. The curriculum is thoughtful and each lessen leaves me with a sense of accomplishment and Wonder at being invited into this special dance community." - Diane Caron
Online Salsa Level 1 Part 1