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It can be extremely intimidating to begin something new. It means encountering your vulnerabilities and putting yourself out there in a new way. You clicked over to our Online Salsa Program curious and perhaps fascinated. Something made you say "Yes". You are faced with an opportunity to try something new and experience your vulnerability or run away. The choice is completely yours. Salsa might not be your thing, but you'll never know unless you try. On the contrary, its highly possible that salsa could be something you fall in love with. 

I joined Salsa Secrets not having any dance experience and having absolutely no idea of what I was getting into. It has been such a wonderful journey learning about salsa and learning about myself through salsa. Piotrek and Krystal are incredible teachers, they are supportive, kind, and patient. The focus is on enjoying the experience of the dance and of learning rather than finding perfection. I would highly recommend Salsa Secrets to anyone who even thinks they may be interested in learning salsa. - Brittany Lee St. Martin

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Online Salsa Level 1 Part 1