Are you sure?

The idea of learning to dance can make us all a little vulnerable. We totally understand your hesitation. Every single person who dances, has been in your shoes. They've felt the uncertainty and the fear. 

At Salsa Secrets, we start from the very beginning. We believe that if you can walk, you can dance. No matter what anyone may have told you before. No matter what you may think of your own dancing skills.

Dance is an opportunity for us to get to know ourselves in a new way. It's a way for us to explore those vulnerabilities. We've built this dance community upon the foundations that everyone is accepted, exactly where they are. We're here for you 100% throughout this process. If we let it, dance can be so much FUN, so HEALING and give us a great RETURN!

If you're still not ready to join us, that's okay. We are glad you were curious enough to visit our page. If you've changed your mind, go ahead, click below and join us on the dance floor!